Stand Alone and Empowered

The Single Woman's Guide to Starting a Family

Stand Alone and Empowered Cover

Do you long to be a mother but lack romantic prospects? Does your current partner tell you they are not ready for children? Are you afraid your time to have a child might be running out? Have you thought about becoming a single mother by choice, but been too scared or unsure about where to begin? Frances Ruiz, an award-winning author and proud single mother by choice provides practical, research-based advice to help you:

  • Decide whether solo motherhood is the path for you
  • Come to terms with starting a family without a partner
  • Understand your fertility and how long you can afford to wait if you wish to have a genetically related child
  • Come to terms with starting a family without a partner
  • Explore conception paths and adoption paths
  • Understand donor conception, artificial insemination, and fertility treatments backwards and forwards (IUI, ICI, IVF, donor egg, donor embryo, and more) so you can successfully knock yourself up!
  • Get through pregnancy or waiting for a match
  • Survive the early days with your child
  • Explain your family structure with pride and confidence to your child and others

This book will empower you to take control of your timeline and live a life without regrets. If you apply the lessons from this book, you will never have to look back and wonder, "what if?"

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