Pale Ants

Pale Ants Book Cover

2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist!

When Alessandro Dunaro enters the military academy in the hopes of earning his father's respect, he has no idea that the man he so desperately wishes to please, the great General Dunaro, is an impostor. Alessandro's real father is long dead, and that secret is just one of many that the general would kill to protect.

Alessandro has always believed his parents' explanation that his ultra-pale complexion, his hypersensitivity to light, and his uncanny sense of hearing are simply the result of a random genetic mutation. But when he begins to suspect that his parents have been lying to him, his search for answers takes him to a mysterious network of subterranean caves. What he finds is an alien, yet familiar world, populated by people who look just like him but who view him as an outsider - or worse, as an enemy.

A secret war has been waging for decades between the society that Alessandro was born into and the society that raised him. Will he choose the right side?

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Fairy Senses

Fairy Senses Book Cover

2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist!

The fat, one-foot tall, miniature man with dragon wings that Kelly catches in her refrigerator, his ruddy face smeared with her fourteenth birthday cake, is not what she imagined a fairy would look like. But he proudly claims to be a "perfect specimen." Kelly soon learns that she herself is half-fairy, which means that everything she has ever been told about her absent father is a lie. Who was he and why has her mother been lying about him? Kelly vows to find out, but her plans are interrupted when US presidential candidate Marcos Witherings kidnaps her. He is a half-fairy too, and he wants another of his kind to help him in a twisted plan that far exceeds a simple desire to be US President. Kelly escapes and flees to the underwater fairy kingdom of Glendenland, where she must race to develop her fledgling "fairy senses" before it's too late.

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Fairy Senses

Fairy Bond Book Cover

Kelly hopes to make a smooth transition to high school, but hiding her half-fairy identity is hard when fairies burn holes in her tests to get her attention. Even so, being pestered at school by her fairy friends is the least of her worries. Miasmos is still out there somewhere - weakened but far from dead. It is only a matter of time before the evil fairy strikes again, incensed by the capture of his half-fairy son, Marcos Witherings. For his part, Witherings appears to have undergone a partial change of heart after being captured. He claims he can help Kelly find her father. She wants to believe him, but could it all be an act? Is it really wise to attempt a dangerous journey to a reclusive fairy band at his urging? A reclusive fairy band whose penchant for violence has earned its realm the name Land of the Terrible Ones? Any course of action Witherings suggests could be a trap. Even so, if there's any chance it will lead her to her father, it's a gamble Kelly's willing to take.

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