Fairy Senses (The Key to Embralia, Book One)

Book Excerpt: Chapter One

An Unexpected Discovery

Kelly reached for the light switch but then thought better of it. Instead she carefully started to feel her way down the stairs. The sound came again -- a faint crackling like plastic wrap moving. When the sound had first started, she had tried to ignore it, huddling under her covers and pretending she hadn't heard anything. But the rustling noises had gone on for at least ten minutes. Kelly paused halfway down the stairs, experiencing a mixture of curiosity and dread. She told herself it was probably just the wind from an open window blowing over a plastic grocery bag. She took a deep breath and resumed her tiptoed descent down the stairs.

Kelly followed the intermittent sounds towards the kitchen. Peeking through the doorway, she noticed that the refrigerator door was slightly ajar. A pale artificial light leaked out of it and cast an eerie glow in the far corner of the room. That's odd, Kelly thought. The kitchen looked empty, although Kelly's view was partially obscured by the counter island in the room's center. She stood absolutely still and listened. For a few seconds there was silence, but then the sounds resumed. They were coming from inside the refrigerator. She cautiously approached the island and crouched down behind it. Inching herself up to its edge, she was soon able to peer around it, and the entire length of the refrigerator came into view. The sight that met her eyes surprised Kelly so much that she jumped back to her feet and a half-gasp, half-squeal escaped her throat.

Inside the refrigerator the chocolate cake her mother had baked for her birthday sat exposed. The plastic wrap had been pulled over to one side and something, or perhaps more exactly, someone, was crouching beside it. The creature had stopped moving when it heard the sound Kelly had made. Kelly was now standing still as well, transfixed by the creature. It looked like a miniature man, about a foot tall. He was fat, and there were wings coming out of his back. The wings were unlike anything Kelly had ever seen. They weren't like butterfly wings, or bird wings either. They were closest to drawings she had seen of bat wings or of the wings of medieval dragons, with pointed joints and what looked to be a thin membranous texture. It took Kelly a moment to notice that the little man with wings was transparent; she could see part of the cake through his miniature T-shirt. Just then the little man's wings twitched, and Kelly felt her hand grasp a wooden spoon that had been left out on the counter.

"What, I mean, who are you?" she asked him, holding the spoon to his back. The little man cringed at being addressed. He hunched his back and peeked over his shoulder, one eye open. He had cake smeared all over his round, ruddy face.

"Hey, that's my cake!" She waved the spoon threateningly, which wasn't difficult considering the birthday cake her mother had so lovingly baked and decorated in preparation for her birthday sat mutilated beside him. The little man jumped up into the air and hovered over Kelly's head, just out of her reach. He munched on a handful of cake and stared down at her with wide eyes. His wings beat regularly, causing him to bobble up and down slightly as he hovered above her.

"I asked you a question. Who are you?"

"You can see me? I can't believe it. Not possible, not possible." He suddenly swooped down until he was only inches from her face. He snapped his fingers. He lost the transparent quality and was immediately solid. Kelly could no longer see through him. He snapped his fingers again. He became transparent. He repeated this snapping transformation two or three times, ending in the transparent form.

Kelly had the urge to laugh but she controlled herself. "What are you doing?" Kelly asked. "How do you make yourself go transparent like that?"

"Transparent you say? Not invisible? Most strange, most strange." He flew over to the basket of fruit on the counter, muttering to himself. He picked up a grape, which for his size was about as large as a honeydew melon. He reached his fist inside the hole at the top of the grape where the stem had once been attached, pulled out a fistful of pulp and started stuffing his mouth with it. Kelly watched him. He seemed to have forgotten she was there.

"Hmm, hmm," Kelly cleared her throat.

The little man looked up. "You're telling me you can see me?" he asked.

"Obviously I can see you. I'm talking to you aren't I?"

"But humans can't see us, unless we want to be seen."

"Us?" Kelly asked.

"Fairies of course."

"Fairies?" This miniature fat man with dragon wings stealing all of her food was a fairy? "You're kind of bigger than I would have imagined," she found herself saying.

"I'm just big boned!" He flung the grape to the floor. Obviously she had hit a sore point.

"I didn't mean like that. I just thought, you know, if they existed, fairies would be smaller, like a few inches tall."

"Doesn't surprise me. Those stupid moving drawings on that moving picture box give the wrong idea. Tinsy tiny twinky tinkly fake flimsy fairies those are. Real fairies are like me. I'm a perfect specimen." The fairy puffed out his chest and sucked in his stomach at these words, then twirled around in the air 360 degrees.

"A fine specimen indeed," Kelly said. The fairy didn't seem to pick up on the sarcasm in her voice. "So how come I can see you?"

"Maybe something's wrong with my magic. But no, before I came here there was a man in the street and he didn't see me. And just two days ago I was here, and you didn't see me." He had started flying back and forth a few feet at a time in front of her, what Kelly guessed must be a fairy equivalent to pacing. He stroked his chin pensively as he fluttered back and forth.

"And I haven't felt sick. I haven't really used any magic lately though, let's see..." He pulled something out of the cloth bag he wore over his shoulder. The object bore a striking resemblance to a toothpick. He pointed it at the grape that was now on the floor. A tiny spark flew from the toothpick and hit the grape. The grape exploded, spraying juice in all directions. Kelly was too shocked to say anything. The fairy smiled and put the toothpick back in his shoulder bag. "Looks like my powers are intact. Well then, let me see. You couldn't see me a few days ago but now you can, so that means?" The fairy's eyes grew wide and he abruptly swirled around to look at Kelly.

"That cake, that cake was birthday cake! Wasn't it? Birthday cake!" he shouted.

"Yes," Kelly said.

"How old are you?"

"If it's after midnight I'm fourteen."

The fairy gasped. "Fourteen, dear me, dear me. Of course. That's the only explanation. Fourteen, dear me. Myself, me, meeting one of you, I can't believe it."

"One of me, what do you mean?"

But the fairy wasn't listening. He had started to fly all around Kelly, darting here and there very fast. She could hear a faint hum as his wings beat faster and faster. He kept repeating "Fourteen, fourteen," and "Dear me, dear me," over and over again.

"Would you stop it, please," Kelly said forcefully. He was making her dizzy. The fairy stopped and looked at her, surprised. Then he turned and zoomed off into the living room. Kelly followed just in time to see him wriggle through a slit in the screen of one of the open windows. She ran to the window but there was no sign of him. He had disappeared into the night.


She was flying in the air, darting through the branches. There were no leaves on the trees; they were all dead. She was cold. Her entire body shivered but she felt an urgency propelling her to go on. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her back between her shoulder blades. She couldn't keep herself aloft anymore and she fell, hitting a few branches on the way down before she cleared the treetops and there was nothing between her and the ground except thirty feet of air. The wind whistled in her ears as she hurtled downwards.

Kelly sat up, breathing fast. It was 9:30 a.m. Her heart was racing from the dream's vividness. All of the sensations that had gone along with the flying, and later with the falling, had felt incredibly real. No doubt the dream had been inspired by last night's kitchen encounter. She lay in bed and replayed the event in her mind. Why had she been able to see the fairy when other people couldn't? What had he meant when he had called her "one of you?? She hoped he would come back soon to answer these questions.

After a few minutes Kelly heard her mother singing a song downstairs, and that coupled with the brightening morning sunshine that glared through the cracks in her bedroom curtains drew her mind back to everyday matters. She stretched, postponing the moment she would have to go downstairs and join her mother in this year's summer project of Christmas tree ornament production. Around this time of year, at the start of summer vacation, Kelly always wished her mother Mindy wasn't a schoolteacher. As a schoolteacher Mindy had summers off too, and it never took her long to find labor-intensive moneymaking projects to drag her daughter into. Kelly was already spending several hours daily crafting Christmas tree ornaments to be sold come wintertime, and she highly doubted that she would get the day off just because it was her birthday. She rolled out of bed and took a long shower, then spent at least fifteen extra minutes blow-drying her shoulder-length, jet-black hair in front of the bathroom mirror. She was pleased to see that the dark circles that had appeared under her bright green eyes early in the school year had at last started to disappear.

"Hi mom," Kelly said as she finally came downstairs.

"You know, you're supposed to wait for your birthday dinner before eating your birthday cake," Mindy said without looking up from the white cotton balls she was trying to glue together into the shape of a snowman.

Kelly was about to tell her mother that someone else was guilty of gobbling up a third of the cake, but she was sure her mother wouldn't believe her.

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist. It looked so good," Kelly said.

A broad smile appeared on Mindy's face as Kelly's compliment sank in. "Just try to utilize more self-control in the future," Mindy answered happily. "I made banana bread. It's still warm," she added.

Kelly grabbed a slice of banana bread and a glass of milk before sitting next to her mother on the living room couch. On TV a blond female newscaster wearing too much makeup was standing in a hospital ward, holding the microphone too close to her face.

"The epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome sweeping the D.C. area has many doctors baffled. I'm here today with doctor Pierre Montés. Doctor, what's going on?" She extended the microphone to a scrawny middle-aged man with thick glasses and green scrubs.

"Well, Melanie, many more people than usual are reporting nebulous symptoms like headaches, tiredness, and a general lack of energy. This might not sound serious, but some affected patients are missing weeks of work because they just can't get out of bed."

"Thank you doctor. We'll have more after the break. Melanie Johnson, morning news." Melanie flashed a plastic smile and winked at the camera.

Mindy shook her head. "That's what happens when you work too much. Bosses these days. It's really inexcusable the hours some people work."

Tell me about it, Kelly thought as she put down her now-empty plate and picked up some cotton balls of her own. But she knew better than to voice her thoughts out loud.

That evening Kelly was busy gluing glittery designs to Styrofoam spheres when the doorbell rang. It was Kelly's best and pretty much only friend Stephanie, her face freshly sunburnt from a family vacation to Orlando.

"I come with gifts," Stephanie said. She was carrying three boxes wrapped in floral wrapping paper. Kelly and Stephanie immediately retreated up the stairs to Kelly's room. As Stephanie placed the birthday presents on the bed, Kelly felt an intense urge to tell her friend about last night. But she had decided earlier it was best to keep it to herself for now. Stephanie would never believe anything as outrageous as fairies existing unless she were confronted with irrefutable evidence, what Stephanie liked to call "the smoking guns?.

"Open them," Stephanie said.

The first present was a sweatshirt that said Orlando, with a graphic of the beach and trees on it. Then came a box of chocolates shaped like seashells. Kelly opened the third box.

"Wow, its beautiful." It was a snow globe, but it wasn't a tacky one like most snow globes. This snow globe was beautiful. It was about the size of Kelly's palm and contained a very realistic and detailed beach scene. There were little huts with thatched roofs and palm trees that looked as though they were actually swaying in a gentle breeze. Instead of snowflakes there were light golden flecks that floated down and about the globe after it was shaken.

"I thought you'd like it. I bought it for $1.50 from an old lady selling trinkets. Most of the stuff she was selling was junk, like plastic key chains that said ?Florida'. But this caught my eye."

"Thanks," Kelly said. She hugged Stephanie. "So, overall was the trip as boring as you thought it was going to be?"

"It wasn't a complete waste. I managed to escape my parents for almost an entire day, and you'll never guess what I did." Stephanie's eyes sparkled mischievously.


Stephanie turned around and lifted the back of her T-shirt to expose the base of her spine, revealing a freshly inked tattoo. Kelly leaned closer to get a better look. Her stomach lurched when she saw that Stephanie's tattoo portrayed a pink Tinkerbellesque fairy, sound asleep atop a purple flower.

"What is it?" Stephanie asked. "Don't you like it?"

"Yes, I do, it's really pretty," Kelly said quickly.

"You don't sound too enthusiastic." Stephanie returned her T-shirt to its normal position and turned back around. Kelly shifted under Stephanie's piercing gaze.

"Are you okay? Did something happen when I was gone?"

Kelly should have known that it wouldn't take long for Stephanie to suspect something. "Nope, same old same old," she lied.

"Are you sure?"

"Girls?" Mindy was at the door. "Dinner's ready."

Kelly was glad when Stephanie didn't ask any more questions on the way downstairs. Instead she just promised that later she'd tell Kelly more about getting her tattoo. For dinner Mindy had made Kelly's favorite: macaroni and cheese, green beans with garlic, fresh rolls, and mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. The damaged cake was incredible, and between the three of them they easily finished off what the fairy had left. After dinner Stephanie humored Mindy by helping to make ornaments while she told a very tame version of her trip. Before Kelly and Stephanie got another chance to speak alone, Stephanie's dad arrived to take her home.

"It was so nice to see you, dear," Mindy said as she held the door open for Stephanie.

"It was nice to see you too, Mrs. Brennan. And Kelly, I'll tell you more of my fairy story next time I see you," she said with a wink.

Wait until you hear mine, Kelly thought.


A tingling along her spine accompanied the thrill of the crisp wind on her face. She darted through the air, zipping in and out between tree branches. She heard a scream behind her, followed shortly by a sickening thud. She turned around and started to scan the forest floor, hoping to see who had fallen.

Kelly opened her eyes and blinked several times, not sure what she was seeing at first. Three days had passed since her birthday with no signs of the fairy, so she wasn't expecting to wake up in the middle of the night to find him perched cross-legged on top of her chest, staring at her. And he wasn't alone. There were two female fairies hovering in the air behind him. The fairy on his left was extremely thin, with a large, flat nose identical to his own and blazing curly red hair. She had a small heart-shaped mouth, blue eyes, and tan wings that were several shades lighter than the male fairy's brown wings, although presently Kelly couldn't see his wings very well. He had folded them down on his back and Kelly could only see two little points sticking up one over each shoulder. The other female fairy was a bit smaller and also had red hair and blue eyes, but her wings were pale yellow and glistened as if they were wet. Both female fairies wore flowing blue dresses and carried little cloth shoulder bags, details Kelly was able to make out clearly because the fairy with yellow wings was holding a tiny lantern that gave off a soft, pale light.

The male fairy spoke first. "The other night I didn't properly introduce myself. I'm Bubbles. This is Carmina." He gestured to the tiny fairy with yellow wings. She curtsied with a graceful motion while still hovering in the air. "And this is my sister, Beatrix." He gestured to the fairy with tan wings. Instead of curtsying, Beatrix did a somersault in the air and let out a fast string of excited words.


"Sorry?" Kelly responded.

"She said how are you, nice to meet you, what's your name, and she thinks you are pretty," Carmina answered. Carmina had a deep voice that didn't quite match her tiny frame.

"Oh." Kelly smiled nervously. "I'm Kelly." The fairies were silent for a moment. "Please tell me you haven't been watching me like this every night," Kelly continued, sitting up. Bubbles fell backwards and rolled off her stomach. Beatrix giggled.

"Izeitruwabubblesayorahafree?" Beatrix blurted out as she flew around Bubbles and Carmina in a blur of speed, ending up back at her starting place simultaneously as she finished her sentence.

Carmina saw that Kelly hadn't understood. "She wants to know if it's true, if you really are a half-fairy."

"A half-fairy?" Kelly asked.

"Meaning half-human, half-fairy," Bubbles said.

"I don't think so," Kelly said. "I never even knew fairies existed until three days ago."

"There's only one way to know for sure," Bubbles said seriously. "Beatrix?"

Beatrix giggled again and reached into her purse. She produced a tiny glass jar with a little cork in the top. The jar was filled with a fine silver powder, as fine as baby powder but with a metallic sheen. It sparkled in the light from Carmina's lantern. Beatrix popped off the cork and reached inside the jar. She collected a tiny pinch of the powder and zoomed towards Kelly's face.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Kelly asked.

Beatrix paused, her hand poised with the pinch of powder directly over Kelly's nose.

"We gonna see if yura half-free," Beatrix responded, attempting to speak more slowly for Kelly's benefit. Still she spoke barely slowly enough for Kelly to just catch what she had said.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea." Kelly eyed the powder suspiciously. She remembered what had happened to the grape when Bubbles had pointed his wooden stick at it, and she wasn't looking forward to anything similar happening with this mysterious silver powder.

"Don't worry, it's just fairy dust," Carmina said. "You see, if you are human all it will do is temporarily shrink you to fairy size. But if you are a half-fairy it will temporarily convert you to your fairy form."

"My fairy form? You mean I'd be able to fly?"

"Yes," Bubbles answered.

Beatrix let out another string of unintelligible syllables and Kelly could tell that she was impatient.

"All right, do it," Kelly said. She closed her eyes.

She felt a light tickling sensation on her nose as the fairy dust made contact with her skin. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes.

"It didn't work," she said.

"It always works," Bubbles said indignantly. "That is the highest quality fairy dust. Cost me fifty-five glitterons. It just takes a minute."

Then Kelly felt it -- her toes started to tingle, a prickly tingling as if they were falling asleep. Then her fingers started to tingle in the same way. Immediately after her fingers started to tingle, the tingling spread both from her feet up to her hips and from her fingers up to her head, then down from her head to her torso. When the tingling halves of her body met at the waist, the tingling got stronger and stronger and a pressure started to build in the center of her body behind her belly button. The pressure built up until Kelly felt she might in fact explode like the grape, but then instead she felt a swirling feeling inside like she had just passed over a bump in a roller coaster and then -- the sensations stopped. She felt normal again. But she was smaller. She realized that she was now sitting right on the edge of her pillow and Bubbles, Beatrix and Carmina were standing in front of her -- all about the same size as she was.

"She's definitely smaller," Bubbles said.

"Look at her ears," Carmina said. Kelly reached up and felt her ears. While as a human she had unusually pointy ears, now they had become definitively pointed. They pointed at the top into a severe point. Kelly looked closer at the fairies' ears and realized that they were also all pointed.

"I knew it, I knew it. She is one. Come on now, unfurl your wings," Bubbles demanded.

"My wings?" Kelly reached back over her shoulder and felt a knobby joint sticking out. Her wings were presently folded flat against her back. "How do I do that?"

"Roll your shoulders forward as far as you can, then jerk them back in one sharp motion, as if you are trying to make your shoulder blades touch," Carmina instructed.

Kelly concentrated. She rolled her shoulders forward and then back. She heard a soft swoosh of air behind her ears and knew she had been successful. Bubbles, Carmina, and Beatrix were all standing with their mouths wide open in surprise.

"Ooooooh," Beatrix squealed.

"What is it?" Kelly asked. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter. We'll show you," Carmina said. Carmina and Beatrix zoomed up to Kelly's bedside table, on which rested a small handheld mirror. One on either side, they picked it up and flew it over to the bed. They held it in front of Kelly. Kelly walked forward to examine herself. She immediately saw why the fairies had reacted in such a way to her wings. They were light purple and had a network of sparkling silver lines running through them -- like the veins of a leaf. The silver lines sparkled just like the fairy dust inside the jar. Her wings were beautiful. Kelly squinted into the mirror and could see that her eyes looked an even brighter green than they had been before and her skin had taken on a sheen as if moonlight were bouncing off of it.

"With wings like that, you must have really strong magic," Beatrix whispered. In fairy form Kelly had no problem understanding Beatrix's lightning-speed speech.

"Why do you say that?" Kelly asked.

"The color of a fairy's wings tells a lot about their powers. Purple is already a strong color. On top of that you have silver. That's really rare," Carmina said.

"Balderdash," Bubbles huffed. "There are plenty of powerful fairies without flashy wings."

Carmina rolled her eyes. "Of course, any fairy can develop their powers. But innate ability is reflected in the wings."

Bubbles crossed his arms and sulked. Beatrix bounded once again into the air. "Fly! Fly!" She clapped her hands in anticipation and started to fly circles around them again. Her curly hair bounced in time with the beating of her wings.

"How do I do that?" Kelly couldn't feel much sensation in her wings. She hardly would have known they were there save for the slight tug she felt along each shoulder blade. She had absolutely no clue how to move them.

"What do you mean how? You just fly. Like this, see?" Bubbles shot up into the air and chased Beatrix, who started to fly with even more speed.

"Settle down you two," Carmina chided. "We can't remember because we were so young, but it took each of us almost two full years before we could fly."

Beatrix and Bubbles stopped zooming around in circles and returned to respectfully hovering in the air.

"That's better. Now Kelly, you know the muscles between your shoulder blades? You have to tighten them and then release them and your wings will flap."

Kelly tried hard to isolate the muscles between her shoulder blades. "I can't feel if I'm doing it right," she said.

"Let me see." Carmina came over and put her palm between Kelly's shoulder blades. "Feel that? These are the muscles. But wow, they are usually much more developed. I can barely feel yours at all. You are going to have to practice to build up the muscle. I doubt they'll be able to get you too far in their present state."

"Let me try again." Kelly was eager to fly. She concentrated and with great effort squeezed the muscles between her shoulder blades. Her wings jerked in response and she rose up about what felt like half a foot, but what was really more like a centimeter in her present size, and quickly came back to the ground.

"That all you got?" Bubbles asked.

"You're just jealous her wings are prettier than yours are!" Beatrix taunted.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Try again. This time you have to repeat the motion, you can't just do it once," Carmina encouraged.

Kelly tried again. She managed to squeeze her back muscles three times, but too slowly to actually stay aloft. Instead she rose up slightly and came back to the ground between each repetition. Flying was more difficult than she had thought. The muscles between her shoulder blades were already starting to get sore.

"You just have to practice. It's perfectly understandable considering you've never had to use those muscles before. Soon it will become automatic, like walking," Carmina said.

"I hope so," Kelly said. "How do I fold my wings back when I'm not flying?"

"You reverse the motion of unfurling them. Instead of rolling your shoulders forward and then snapping them backwards, you roll them backwards and then snap them forwards."

Kelly did this motion and heard a soft clap as her wings folded behind her back again.

"Once you can fly then we can go exploring," Beatrix said. "We can go anywhere we want because no one can see us if we don't want them too." Beatrix snapped her fingers and became transparent.

"I can still see you," Kelly said. Beatrix snapped herself back into solidity.

"Yes, but humans can't," Bubbles said. Kelly still hadn't quite absorbed the fact she wasn't all human.

"So if I snap my fingers I'll be invisible to humans?" Kelly asked.

"Unfortunately not. Half-fairies can't make themselves completely invisible to humans. You would appear to them as we appear to you in our invisible forms. They could still see you, but also see through you," Carmina answered.

"I didn't know that," Beatrix said.

"I did," Bubbles said. Beatrix stuck her tongue out at him. "Half-fairies can only be half-invisible."

"Like a ghost," Kelly said.

"Sorry?" Bubbles raised his eyebrows.

"Never mind. So if I snap my fingers I'll be half-invisible to humans?"

"Just snapping your fingers doesn't do it, it just helps," Bubbles said. "You have to imagine that you are becoming invisible."

Kelly snapped her fingers. She was still completely visible. She snapped her fingers again.

"You have to imagine harder," Bubbles said.

Kelly imagined with all of her might and snapped her fingers. This time it worked. She looked down at her hands and could see through them.

"Cool." Just at that moment Kelly started to feel a tingling sensation in her toes, followed a second later by a tingling in her fingers. "I think the fairy dust is starting to wear off."

"You sure about that being the highest quality dust Bubbles?" Carmina asked.

"Of course I am."

"But it can't have been more than fifteen minutes ago we dusted her," Beatrix said.

"Then she must be mistaken about it wearing off," Bubbles retorted. But Kelly felt the tingling spread simultaneously from her toes upward and from her fingertips to her torso, until again the two traveling streams of tingles met behind her belly button. Again pressure started to build at that point until it was almost unbearable and then the swirling feeling came. Then just as soon as they had come the sensations vanished and Kelly found herself once again human-sized on her bed with Carmina, Beatrix, and Bubbles hovering a few feet away.

Beatrix let out a burst of unintelligible words to Bubbles, who looked displeased. Once again in human form, Kelly could no longer understand Beatrix's rapid speech. She guessed Beatrix was commenting about the fairy dust because she was holding up the jar and shaking it at Bubbles while she spoke.

"Can I have more fairy dust?" Kelly asked. Beatrix made to uncork the jar but Bubbles snatched it away from her.

"We shouldn't waste it. It's very valuable." Bubbles hugged the jar to his chest.

"It is late, Thomas will start to worry about me," Carmina said. "Thomas is my husband," she added for Kelly's benefit. "Besides, now that you know what it is like to be in fairy form you should be able to transform yourself without the fairy dust."

"Without it?" Kelly asked.

"Half-fairies can transform from fairy form to human form whenever they want, without fairy dust."

"But how?"

Carmina looked puzzled. So did Bubbles and Beatrix. Bubbles shrugged. Finally Bubbles said he didn't know. After all, none of them had ever met a half-fairy.

"You will figure it out I'm sure," Carmina said. "It can't be that hard."

Kelly wasn't convinced, but the fairies were getting ready to leave. "We'll come back and visit you tomorrow night. Before then keep exercising your back muscles, and try to figure out how to transform yourself," Carmina said.

After they had gone Kelly lay awake for a long time. She had felt elated when she had been in fairy form and when Carmina, Beatrix, and Bubbles had been there. But now that they were gone the feeling of elation was replaced with a more uncomfortable one. If she was half-fairy that meant one of her parents was a fairy. She had always been told that her father had died in a fire before she was born, and that all photographs of him had been destroyed by the flames. She had learned almost nothing more about him because her mother always changed the subject quickly when he came up in conversation, saying it was too painful to talk about him because he was gone. Now she knew her father must have been a fairy. Was it possible Mindy had known about fairies all of this time? What reason could she have for keeping the truth from Kelly?

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